Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Alice Fairhall- Dancer in Residence

Alice Fairhall

Alice has trained in contemporary dance since the age of 15. She was trained at the university of Chichester in the United Kingdom, receiving a BA (hons) in Dance. 
Her training largely focused on choreography and explorational movement classes- technique, Limon, Graham, Cunningham, South American Capoeira. 
Key elements to Alice's training include improvisation, dance history, popular dance, performance and dance movement psychotherapy.

Here at St. Georges Alice will be teaching all levels across the school using technique training as well as encouraging movement for performance. 

Her work in College will be focusing on Contemporary Dance and how we use an understanding of movement to create works.
In the Prep school, her sessions are based on technical lessons and also choreographing a performance work.
In Kinder , she is encouraging an awareness of the body by creating an imaginative space for the children to explore their movement. 

Alice will also be incorporating Dance Movement Psychotherapy in special movement programs such as Yoga, meditation and massage sessions for boarders, teachers and anyone in the St George's community. 
She believes this helps all people to find a centre and focus. Dance and movement gives everyone a very necessary break from the stresses of daily life through self exploration and renewal.

Alice says, "I believe that movement is essential to health and that dance is a fantastic medium to help with discovery of the self in the body, my work here at St George's College will look to find physical awareness, creativity and performing skills amongst the children, in a safe and fun environment."

We welcome Alice as part of our Creative Arts Team. She will be with us until July next year.

Below is an invitation to everyone for one of her special movement workshops! YOGA

~ The Creative Arts Team

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