Sunday, March 27, 2011

College Music- March Edition

Hello Everyone!
This is very exciting to be launching our first ever St George's College Music post! We just thought we would give you all a little insight into what Music programs we have launched in College for 2011:
(Please take note of rehearsal times for each ensemble)

Gospel Choir- This contemporary vocal ensemble started last year and has now grown to over 60 College student members! We have begun learning new repertoire and are very excited with the planned Music Tour to the USA in July this year!

Senior Vocal Ensemble- This is a new vocal ensemble that has only started within the last 2 weeks. Auditions were held and only 11 Senior College students were selected. This group of singers (6 males & 5 females) will be focusing on much more challenging vocal pieces and performing as a professional vocal group. These students are to be congratulated on a position in Senior Vocal Ensemble 2011!

Chapel Choir- Singing is such a beautiful thing to do in this place of worship and reverence. Lifting our voices together in song is a fantastic way to start the day on a Thursday morning during College Chapel. We have commenced another new vocal group called 'Chapel Choir,' which will be rehearsing new hymns weekly to expand on the repertoire and worship service. All College students are welcome to come to the Wednesday morning rehearsal during registration.

Instrumental/Vocal Tuition- Private lessons are now available to all College students in the following: Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Singing, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Music theory & Appreciation. If a student would like to start having weekly lessons at school for half an hour, you will need to enquire soon! 
Phone St George's College or Email:

Boarders Jamming- This is a new Rock Band Workshop offered to the Boarders of St George's College. Every Tuesday afternoon, students pick up a guitar, bass guitar, drum sticks or a microphone and 'jam' together. Students are under the direction of Mr Chris Koelma and it is sounding really great down in the Music Department! All enquiries email:

The Georgian Community Choir- This choir is continuing from last year but will now be held every fortnight on a Thursday afternoon in the Music Department. The choir is for Parents, Staff and Friends of St George's College and is conducted by Mrs Mikaela Koelma. In the last rehearsal we had over 20 singers join their voices together. We are definitely in need of more male singers! There will be performance opportunities with our first at 'The Big Sing' evening concert in May. 
All enquires email:

Other Important Music Department Information-

An Updated Look:
The Music Department has gone through some renovations and is now looking all clean and sparkling due to a fresh coat of paint and repairs on musical instruments. We are asking all students to respect the new space and treat all the instruments as if it were their own- with care! We are looking forward to holding evening Music concerts later in the year for Elective Music courses in the Music Department. If you are at school, please feel free to come and have a look.

Booking a Rehearsal Studio: 
If students are wanting to book a rehearsal room during long break or lunchtime, they will need to write their names down on the Booking Sheet located on the wall outside of the Music office. If a lunchtime rehearsal is required, students will need to let Mrs Mikaela Koelma know at least a week in advanced so lunch can be ordered to the Music Department for students. 

Getting Involved:
If any student is wishing to get involved in any of the Music Ensembles, please come and see Mrs Mikaela Koelma in the Music Department! We would love to see the new ES1 students getting involved, so please come and let us know that you are interested here in Music!

The Music Department has had a very positive beginning for 2011!
Stay tuned for more updates soon,

~ M.Koelma- College Music Department

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